Supplements – They suck!

Yes, you read it right, I went full retard with the title and it does sound quite ironic coming from a place where I have hand-picked protein powders for you to buy!

Buy them! I guarantee 20lbs of pure lean muscle mass in 12 weeks! (Oh the lies…)

Flashy labels to feed your eyes, catches your attention almost instantaneously like a bird staring at a piece of bread in the middle of the road, enough to knock out your sad reality, convinced that you can also be like the guy stamped on the powder tub, or at least close, because we like to lower our standards, makes it “sufficiently believable” to convince us to open the wallet. It does give you 20lbs of pure lean muscle mass but not in 12 weeks ladies and ‘gentlesticks’.

I’ve learned that honesty is the best policy, so why these brands stick the leg out to their clients? Do they?

Think about the amount of money these companies have to put out to ship this “radioactive stuff” (remember Hulk) in almost every shop they can place their hands on. They pay for the design, marketing, production, logistics, etc… Why would someone spend that much just to trick a costumer? They don’t!

Let’s say I start to sell supplements with my brand, applying the honesty policy, each protein tub will have a calendar for at least 2 years where you can tick your progress to get realistically that equal amount of lean muscle mass that other companies advertise. Chances are, nobody is going to buy because it’s a road too long to cover. We humans want it now and fast!

The reality is, we need to consider the “human factor”, not everything is black and white but things like protein powder are real supplementation and really help build muscle faster. You will earn the muscle that your body can give you, towards the stress and recovery it has to play with.

Marketing sometimes can be unrealistic because we are hard to sell creatures, we set our standards high and the expectations on the roof to compare with. If half of the population grows muscle and the other don’t, then the second half didn’t workout hard enough to make the results. Putting muscle on the frame is not hard, we are just lazy.

If you’ve made this far I give you the congratulations because you made the effort to read and have the potential to develop yourself, most of us just judge the book by its cover and jump straight to the protest.

In the meantime I will still enjoy pizzas and cardio together.

Oh and please feel free to click one of my affiliates links to buy supplements that are going to make you “super huge and strong” in 12 weeks…or so. Someone has to pay for the pizza, right?

Pizza is love, pizza is life!

Lauro Carvalho

Founder of Standard 225 and ambitious writer, he's also a madman. He likes to drive around Europe with his Citroen C1 to prove that anything is possible. Also a fitness fanatic, he believes that lifting heavy builds a strong body and resilient mind. Loves to share great ideas that might be helpful to other folks.

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