Accelerate your muscle force production

Paradoxically, despite the easy access to food in the decade we live, our bodies fail to meet the sufficient amount of minerals and other nutritional substances that are critical to our health. We are in much better position compared to years ago when the life expectancy was lower but we still have room to improve, we are just lazy to analyse it until the problems starts to show up . Some of us still cross that line luckily by a scratch thanks to fortified foods and other forms of food engineering.

Vitamin D3 in this case, regulates over 900 expression genes and keeping calcium in homoeostasis*, all of which are correlated to skeletal muscle performance. A higher concentration of this essential mineral as been positively shown to accelerate the regeneration of muscle force, translating into better performance. This is important for those who practice high intensity movements like weightlifting, powerlifting, strongman and so on.

This essential mineral can be sourced naturally from sun exposure (synthesising cholesterol in the skin), cod liver oil, sardines, salmon, milk and the list goes on…

Easily it can be supplemented with cheap and easy to consume capsules like I have from Myprotein, either cod liver oil or the standard Vitamin D3 from sunflower, both favorite choice.

The recommendation ranges lies between 600 up to 1000 IU/day*** depending your diet and sun exposure. There are doubts if those doses are enough, perhaps to my hypothesis is due to the fact we are exposed to so much stress that in order to compensate for that ‘de-mineralization’ we need to increase our supplementation, specially during periods of high intensity (e.g. strength training).

***The Institute of Medicine in 2010 recommended a maximum uptake of 4,000 IU/day, finding that the dose for lowest observed adverse effect level is 40,000 IU daily for at least 12 weeks[…]”

Vitamin DThere was only one single case of toxicity when taking over 10.000 IU/day for seven years*, safe to say that these cases are rare.

Living in a town where sun is rare, supplementing with Vitamin D3 made personally a huge impact not only in general health but in how better I can perform when lifting weights. It’s hard to tell if your lacking of it, best bet is to speak to your doctor and ask to measure your levels.

Finalising, Vitamin D3 deficiency has been linked to depression, take this piece of advise and remember that this “mineral” plays a fundamental role into putting our body into motion. Feeling better equals into better performance.

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  • I had osteoporosis at age 50. At 69 I am ‘normal’ for my age. This is due to weight bearing exercise, calcium and Vitamin D3.

    • Hi Susie. Thank you for sharing your example. I’d like to add, that is amazing. This just shows not only the benefit of resistance training but the supplementation together. Age is definitely just a number and I would like to take that in consideration for future readers to follow you. It’s hard to see in the fitness community examples like this.

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