Iphone X – A phone for poverty

“Hello, this is John! I’m calling from my Iphone X!”

Did the planet shift into an alternative inter-dimensional space? Or we’re just plain dumb?

My Facebook feed is tired of getting bombarded with Donald Trump being a lunatic and Kim for playing on his own backyard. Only if we could choose what to watch! Ultimately, to terminate my news feed, I would have to move to the mountains. News are everywhere.

Iphone X

“A Radioactive Fart is Taking a Stroll Over Europe!”

Set your alarms! (doesn’t work if your screen’s broken) We’ve got a radioactive cloud going over Europe and nobody panics? Nah. We don’t know the origin but lets blame Russia. In the meantime lets pray over the missing loved ones from the MH-370 flight. (sarcasm highlighted in bold.)


We’ve interviewed a Professional Youtuber with over 1000 hours of GTA V under his belt. Questioned, what was the main reason for the purchase of the new Iphone X?

Exactly, it does everything*. Furthermore, they’ve decided to make the whole phone in glass. A concept designed to influence the user to actually set up an emergency number in case the phone shatters into millions pieces all over the floor.

Costing 4 digits in every geographical point. You can now combine your car insurance, our recommendation. Because once this baby breaks, you’ll need a cover for that “whiplash”.

Iphone X

Do you feel entertained?

Seriously now. A company is entitled to put any price tag over their product. But the moment you decide to buy and break a piece of glass? That’s was your prerogative.

I currently own a Samsung S6 and it beats Iphone 7 by far, for a fraction of its cost. I can’t grasp the concept of owning an overpriced equipment that other brands, generations (in phones life) before, did as currently Iphone X does now.

Are we entering an Era of Phone Poverty?

Iphone X

*everything – A shameless act of randomly putting all answers of the universe for no reason into a useless piece of glass inside your pocket.

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