Improve fuel economy – 5 ways to save money

How can we improve fuel economy?

Fuel consumption is without any doubt the hardest expense to control in our wallets. Specially when driving around town, engines can be very thirsty! Think about. If you find yourself doing more trips to the pump rather than doing what you like, then you should reconsider your habits.

We’ve gathered tried and true, 5 aspects on how to improve fuel economy. Apply them regularly into your habits and you can be potentially saving hundreds from your pocket in the long run. And time!

improve fuel economy1. Driving and anticipation

This is specially true if you drive mostly around town. Without paying any attention, other drivers can directly affect our driving. Forcing us to immediately react, by constantly braking and accelerating to adjust to the traffic.

This type of driving increases dramatically the wear of your braking system and gearbox. Plus, the fuel needed to move your car from dead stop or re-gain speed. These conditions together will top up early and expensive next time you need to stop in the garage.

Improve fuel economy by anticipating. When in traffic, don’t accelerate on the smallest gap between cars. You will not gain any more time by doing so. The chances are, your clutch wear will decrease significantly. Let alone the brakes!

Coast when possible. The reason behind this, is to save the clutch. The gearbox may help you decelerate but it wears significantly driving in traffic and around town. If the speed in traffic is generally slow, your brakes won’t over heat as much as the clutch. Not only you’ll improve fuel economy but you’ll keep the engine temperature at bay. Coasting is considered illegal and dangerous when driving at high speeds. Be smart when coasting.

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