Cottage cheese – cheap high protein

Add this for your snack, you can’t go wrong with cottage cheese, it’s a personal favorite because of it’s high content of protein and good portion of fat. It stacks about 11 grams of protein to 4 grams of fat per 100 grams (98 calories).

Protein 11g per 100g

Cottage cheese is a fresh cheese curd with a creamy texture, it’s generally mild in flavour but it may be stronger for some individuals. Since it’s derived from milk it will act as a slow release protein, supplying your body with amino acids for longer periods of time than regular whey protein, since it’s a solid food it will feed you for longer. Basically the same “DNA” of Micellar Casein, it will have very similar anti-catabolic effects as found in here.

I usually get a tub of 300 grams for less than one pound in UK and that is a very good price for a protein snack, plus, it’s a very customizable food, it goes very well with almost anything you can imagine, honey, peanut butter, wild forest fruits and even goes very well with flavoured whey protein powder for an incredible muscle building meal.

Here is an example of my favorite morning meal with cottage cheese,

Cottage cheese 300g

Impact Whey Protein 25g

Peanut butter 20g

Almond nuts 7g

Wild fruits (strawberries, raspberries, blackberries…) 40g

Protein 58 grams / Carbs. 20 grams / Fat 33 grams = ~602 calories

The fat are obviously healthy and it’s where I get most of my calories, on a bulk season I usually dip a spoon of coconut oil to get more calories. Fat it’s my favourite energy source for reasons I will explain in another article as I believe Fat is the most efficient energy source compared to Carbs and most of us should be leaning towards more to that spectrum.

Look at this one at the bottom, delicious looking warpped with salmon and chives!


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