How I saved 215£ on my high protein breakfast

Personally, with less than 6 hours of sleep everyday in the tank, having a high protein breakfast every morning was literally an ordeal. Specially considering what supermarkets sell these days.

It’s not that there isn’t a good choice to begin with. It’s us, the “super busy” people that don’t have much left to choose. Supermarket’s alternatives are either too expensive or nutritionally limited.

Do you see yourself cooking at 5 o’clock in the morning? I did. Been there, done that. It’s just unsustainable.

meal deal

Sometimes we just don’t get the ideas right.

Trying to manage time with work, studies, gym and writing a blog. I’m easily tempted to bad habits when I come across alluring meal deals on an empty stomach. Marketing does a great job, but your mind does better if you pay close attention to what hurts you most.

I still do my groceries shopping physically, usually at the same place or where’s most practical and cheaper. And as part of my usual business doing groceries, I buy what really matters so I don’t waste food. Apart from that, I buy my supplements online, as part of “enhanced” nutrition for my workouts. All good here… until one day.

Getting more for less money

Once in a while I sit down and write down all my expenditures. I do this in expectation if there is any room for improvements. Doing so, I was able to successfully save between 10 to 30£ a week. But that was just the groceries!

I always had this mental “border” between groceries and my supplement shopping, because I’ve never really considered supplements “real food”. Similarly I would only use my supplements around my workouts, never with my meals.

So what I was having for breakfast that was costing that much money?

high protein breakfast

I was drinking every single morning one of these bottles. Honestly, they’re really tasty and handy! They cost about a pound per bottle if you buy the 6x pack. So, if I was drinking exhaustively one every morning, therefore I was spending around 30£ a month. That was my alternative to waking up at 5 o’clock in the morning to make a real breakfast.

Then the irony hit. While I was figuring out ways to improve my costs, I was drinking a protein shake from my supplement stack. Did you ever wanted to smack yourself for doing silly things sometimes? This was one of those moments.

So instead of buying my breakfast from my typical groceries shopping, I decided to save money by purchasing more protein from my favourite supplements brand. How I did this?

high protein breakfast

Since I have 2 bottles to prepare my protein shakes, one of them is used to prepare my “breakfast” for the next day. Basically, one serving of 25 grams of whey protein with 250ml of whole milk (for better taste), will just cost me around 0.40£ per day. Just the protein serving alone is 0.25£.

As a result, instead of spending 360£, I’ve shortened to 146£ a year on my breakfast. Plus the extra protein I get compared to my old choice! And that’s without my discount points for every time I shop there! After accumulating a good amount of points, I use all of them to get a cheap basket.

I use Myprotein as my favourite brand, because in almost 4 years I’m their client, I’ve never had a single complain. If you want to take advantage of my affiliation, you’ll get the offer of 30% on your first order if you click in this link here.

Once in a while with the same effort. I add into my shake a couple Chia seeds or Powedered Oats for bigger hunger for very little money. I still have the same bag of Oats from last year, so there you go!

Supplements will never replace a whole nutritional meal, but in some cases, like mine, they’re better than not eating at all. Actually, they can be much healthier than most choices you’ll see on the supermarket!

I still sleep less than 6 hours. Bonkers!



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