Building muscle mass – Master the shit

Building muscle mass it’s still up to this day a misunderstood concept. Stimulating growth doesn’t need a special supplement or complicated maths. Our bodies simply need to respond to the right stress. This achieved by using right tools for the trade.

Avoid workout routines that are an epic disturbance in the Force.

You don’t need to give an arm and a leg to get things done. In fact, most workout routines are laughable because they’re not sustainable. They’ll just give you a bunch of isolation exercises with an irrational amount of repetitions and ‘Voilá’! They’re only good at burning time, filling spaces in your journal and lose motivation.

The process of building muscle mass needs to be triggered through a selection of exercises that recruit the most muscle mass in the shortest period of time.

You need to spend more time practicing movements that engage more muscle mass in a single bout. That is, the use of multi-joint exercises like the deadlift, squat, press, and any other compound movements.

Isolation exercises like biceps curls and calve raises are tools to sharp the missing edges. Whether you need them it’s up to you. If your biceps are not getting sufficient stimulation then consider doing some direct work. Otherwise, don’t waste your time.

With frequency, compound movements will not only make your body bigger and stronger, but more efficient at recruiting more muscle mass in a shorter period of time.

Consider having at least 80% of your total workout routine composed by compound movements. This will keep your sessions short and efficient.

Lauro Carvalho

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